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T type Puzzle answer -  figure number 54



The "T" series puzzles are an extraordinary challenge for everybody. To cope with it should you arm yourself in patience to later on take pleasure from finding the proper combination to match the given pattern. The task seems simple at first, but while continue trying solve the puzzle things get complicated. Have in mind however that it is not impossible, there is always a solution. "T" puzzles are an excellent entertainment while traveling or simply  in your very own household, both in company with your friends or alone. The puzzles were presented in 1903 in New York, when one of the companies used them to promote their new tea product - "White Roose Ceylon Tea". From puzzles made of cardboard you had to make a letter "T" shaped figure, which was connected to their motto to promote the product: "Make the T(ea)", which could be understood in a two way meaning, both "make a T (as a letter)" or simply "Make tea". In the 70's Nob yoshigahara modified the puzzles - he changed the material  from which they were made to wood, improving their durability and changed their proportions to increase the number of figures you could compose.